The quickest and safest way to remove all types of cyanobacteria. Works by oxidizing organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance.

  • Finishes the job within 48 hours
  • Completely safe for all fish, invertebrates, and coral
  • Will not harm nitrifying bacteria

Dosage: Turn off/remove carbon filtration, UV, skimmer (IMPORTANT! Completely off!), and ozone. Dose 10 ml for each 100 L, preferably at night or when the aquarium light turns off. After 48 hours, turn on/resume the skimmer and all others. Skimmer overskiming is normal after treatment; reduce skimming and empty/clean cup regularly.

  • 100 ml will treat up to 1000 L
  • 250 ml will treat up to 2500 L

IMPORTANT! Monitor oxygen and pH levels during treatment! We suggest pointing the circulation pumps to the surface. Ensure your aquarium has strong water surface movement to improve gas exchange one day before the treatment!